Last week, David and I were sitting on a bench along the Seine, constructing goat cheese and proscuitto sandwiches on fresh baguettes.  We’d found a bottle of Champagne and we were cheersing to our newfound adventure.

This, my friends, is the face of funemployment:


Well I have news for you.  FUNEMPLOYMENT IS OVER.  No kidding, it was a shock to us, too.  Long story short, David and I are now working as headhunters for an IT security recruiting firm in the UK and we are the remote office in Berlin.  We started training last Thursday, the day after we landed in our new home.  We were both anticipating a lot longer period of downtime, but it was one of those things when opportunity strikes, you must lead where it follows.  Wrapping our minds around a new industry while we’ve been putting the final touches on our living space and establishing a new routine has been a lot to take on.  However, things are coming together and I do feel like we are headed in the right direction.

Achievements so far:

  • We found bikes!
  • David built a contraption that allows us to hang suits, coats and dresses out of salvaged wood.
  • We attained a folding table and chairs (this is a good story, more on this later).
  • Sarah found a great wine shop in the neighborhood right around the corner.
  • We met two of our neighbors (very lovely, both).


  • Make friends.
  • Announce ourselves to the German Authorities.
  • Sign up for language courses.  Very necessary.

Alright, just a short post for this evening because we need to get going to meet up with one of my favorite friends, Holden Madagame.  We are going to drink rosé in Tempelhof.  It’s about 35 min away from where we live and we are going to try to bike there without any kind of gps, but we do have a map.  Wish us luck!

One thought on “Funemployment

  1. Congrats on the new jobs!! We all knew it wouldn’t take long. You both have a beautiful smile and a charm that everyone loves to be around. xx


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