There doesn’t seem to be an easy place to start this blog, so I’ll just start with right now.

It’s 11:34 p.m. on my first Friday night in Berlin, the city of endless parties, and I am here on the computer writing a blog post, catching up on emails, and posting pictures to Facebook. David and I are drinking a bottle of wine (Dornfelder – not bad!), jamming to techno music, and hammering away at our to-do lists.  I couldn’t be happier!   Tonight feels like the first time I’ve had to take a deep breath and take care of my life since… June?

This past summer was incredible.  We certainly packed a lot into our lives on top of preparing a move overseas.  To give you an idea, three weeks before we left for France we were in San Francisco for a wedding.  When we got back, we moved out of Detroit into David’s parent’s place in Milford, sorted through all of our belongings, sold our cars and tried to manage all the little details that are an inevitable part of big change.  All while working full-time, up until the day before we left.

What that turned into was a serious commitment to staying present.  It didn’t matter what had to get done overall, what mattered most was what had to get done that instant, or that day.  We were reminded how grateful we are to have such an exceptional support network.  To all those who adopted our belongings, helped us move, kept us sane with words of support and encouragement – thank you. David’s parents merit a particular mention.  I can’t even begin to name all the ways they helped move us forward.

It feels like a strange place to start a blog, in the middle of the beginning of a new journey, with so much that has happened already and without much explanation of why we are here in the first place.  However, you have to start somewhere.

To recap so we’re all on the same page, David and I are in Berlin.  We are happy, healthy (aside from the remains of a sinus infection I picked up on the plane) and so grateful for all of the wonderful people in our lives.

Before I go, here are some pictures from our petit séjour in Paris last weekend. Tchüß!

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